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Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed that whenever the phone rings after about 10 oíclock, itís rarely good news? Well, it happened to me again the other night.

It was about 11:45, and I had just drifted off to sleep. I was more than just startled by the ringing of my phone -- I was scared to death of the news the call might bring.

The voice on the other end of the line was weak and gravelly, but it was still unmistakably that of an old acquaintance of mine who Iíll call ďMr. X.Ē Iím not trying to be secretive here, but because of his ďquestionableĒ ties, itís just best that he remain unidentified.

Sure enough, when he told me the reason for his call, a chill shot up and down my spine as I considered the ramifications.

Mr. X is dying. But before he ďchecks outĒ, he wants to spill the beans on how his legendary gambling syndicate won $22 million ... and how you can use his secret to get rich too!

Mr. Xís ďBan-Upp SyndicateĒ was the biggest and most successful gambling ring ever created. By all accounts, they legally ďstoleĒ more than $22 million in cash from lotteries in every state ... in just 2 years.

Rumor was that their system was so powerful, THEY ALMOST NEVER LOST. Thatís the only way to explain how they made so much money so fast.

The Ban-Upp syndicate was shut down for good a few years ago when two of its three main partners mysteriously died. Mr. X is the only one left, and he just found out he doesnít have long to live.

Mr. X called me because of my reputation in lottery circles. He asked if I would help him share the secret of Ban-Uppís multi-million-dollar success with a few worthy people before it gets buried with him. Naturally I couldnít refuse a friendís dying wish.

And because of the interest youíve shown in lottery winnings,
Iíve chosen YOU to be one of lucky ones who can become rich!

Yes, YOU can soon be on a virtually non-stop, never-ending winning streak just like Mr. X and his Ban-Upp syndicate. Think about what that means!

Whenever you want anything, you can just use the Ban-Upp System and head to your local lottery. Soon you can have ...

-- Free lottery cash for a NEW CAR ...

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-- Free lottery cash for a DREAM VACATION ...

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You really can virtually win every game and make $$ thousands fast!

Until now, the secret behind what makes the Ban-Upp Lottery System an idiot-proof way to become filthy rich was as tightly guarded as Fort Knox. I am the first person outside the "family" to ever get a look at it.

And I have to say, Iíve never seen anything like it!

The way this system combines mathematics and probability to automatically pick winning numbers for any Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and even Mega lottery games again and again is INGENIOUS! Let me explain ...

How the discovery of "MGS" can put
thousands of dollars in your pocket every month.

Mr. X told me it took nearly a million bucks to figure out, but the Ban-Upp System is based on the discovery of a numerical phenomenon called "Multiple Game Sequencing" (MGS).

MGS proves that the key to winning virtually every lottery game you play ... over and over again ... is the "sequence" of the numbersí appearance in particular games. But you donít have to give a second thought to all that technical stuff.

The proven money-making power of the Ban-Upp system almost makes winning automatic. You just play the numbers the system picks for you, then collect hundreds to thousands of dollars practically every day.

Imagine how much better your life will be ... and how much happier youíll feel if thereís ...

No more burying yourself in credit card debt ...

No more borrowing from friends & family ...

No more scraping by paycheck-to-paycheck ...

and most importantly ... No more doing without what you need and deserve!

You may NEVER lose again ...
and itís almost mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to lose 3 games in a row.

Numbers donít lie. With the Ban-Upp System harnessing the full power of MGS, you have no choice but to practically collect cash from a winning ticket one to three times every three games.

Thatís why the Ban-Upp syndicate made so much money -- THEY ALMOST NEVER LOST 3 GAMES IN A ROW! And neither will you! Using the Ban-Upp System the WORST you can do is virtually win 1/3 of every game you play.

Since each win could be up to THOUSANDS of dollars ... and since the Ban-Upp system can help you win many times every month ... you could soon have all the money youíve ever dreamed about -- and more! Iím talking enough to ...

  • Get out of debt!

  • End your money worries!

  • Forget about the crummy economy and your job!

  • Take luxurious vacations!

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You donít need a computer, a calculator, or even a first grade education to win over and over again. The Ban-Upp Lottery System does everything for you.

Just write down a few numbers, and Ban-Upp automatically cranks out winning numbers like cash flying out of a crazed ATM.

Winning really is as simple as buying your tickets and just waiting for the drawing. Because you practically KNOW you WILL be cashing them in!

How much would you "invest" if you were GUARANTEED to make up to $4,750.00 or more within the next 30 days?

Even if you had to pay $4,000, youíd be a fool not to take the deal. It would be like throwing away $750. Now what if I said you wouldnít pay even 2 percent of that for the same guaranteed $4,750 or more?

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As you can imagine Mr. Xís syndicate was getting rich doing a lot more than just beating the lottery. They made more than $200 MILLION by figuring out 100% LEGAL ways to beat casinos, race tracks, the stock market, even real estate.

If you are one of the lucky 350 who try Mr. Xís Ban-Upp Lottery System, you will also get EVERY SINGLE ONE of the syndicateís money-making secrets in 5 complete reports! And theyíre all yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

NOT with the Ban-Upp System, and NOT with my incredible guarantee.

Iíve already told you that the Ban-Upp Lottery method GUARANTEES you will rake in up to THOUSANDS of dollars in lottery cash every month. I also GUARANTEE your 100% satisfaction.

Use the Ban-Upp System for 60 days. You will either be thrilled with wins up to $4,750.00 a month or more, or you wonít pay a penny. Period. Just send everything back any time within 60 days, and Iíll send you a full refund of your fee per the complete wintrack guarantee.

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To YOUR fortune ... and to Mr. Xís generosity,

Tony Barrucci


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